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Don't take my word for it; listen to what clients have to say about my comprehensive editing and writing services.


Clients who have their Writing Down Pat-

Writing and Editing services include ghostwriting books, editing all written materials (including books), press releases, website copy, and more!


From call-in Radio Show hosted by my client, Naomi:

From what you said, I would equate your meaning abundance to this:

Sadness and depression cause one’s eyes to be downcast, with a head low posture. Joy gives you the ability to raise your head, lift your eyes, and look around. That way, you can see what is available in the “grocery store” of the world, and thus you will have access to abundant opportunities. Perhaps even wealth.

Does that make sense? It does to me! ~Pat

Wow! It makes a lot of sense. How do you do that? How do you take what one is feeling and express it so elegantly? I will send you the link to the show when she send's it to me.

Feedback from Mystical Novel:

I like how you described things to enhance what I was trying to say; painting the picture of scenes and expressing unique characters in more greater depth. Keep up the good work. I also like the way you added a dose of humor in some of the scenes it gave a well needed touch, as a matter of fact I thought my book was lacking in humor and I am glad you added some (and i enjoyed a good laugh from those scenes). Tal

Feedback from Memoir and Article Enhanced Editing:

Hi Pat, I just read that article. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! You are truly amazing. It's like you are reading my mind and you know exactly what it is I'm trying to say. I love this solo e-mail it's one of my favorite peace. Naomi

How do you do that? Man, you say what I want to say except I can’t say it by myself. I was asking how to make these articles stand out give it my voice and I got a message to ask you to help me. Man it’s going to be no problem to write these. I’m so excited I won’t even be able to sleep. Naomi

Feedback Comments on

“Fantastic job, I can't thank Pat enough. She can take a simple sentence and make it sing. When you see her work you don't just see letters and sentences you see pictures. She is also responsive and understood what I was looking for.” — Chipper1123

Dynamite job, girlfriend!! How you manage to keep this annual topic fresh and fascinating year after year is a tribute to your talent!!! Great idea as well to revive the chart. Well done!! Bobbie

Hi Pat: Thanks so much for your great prose.  You captured the uniqueness -- and lively spirit -- of the Ranch, which I'm sure will bring us some visitors.  Best regards, Sandra 

Book Editing-Memoir:

Dear Pat, I wanted to let you know that I am so happy with your edition of my novel. You have truly brought my characters to life and made the vision I set out to portray come full force. I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to my work. I applaud you for seeing and respecting my views of the novel. My characters truly demand attention and are all individuals, especially allegedly based off of people I know, and you really GOT it. I am speechless at how much I love the story and your editing skills. Also, thank you for the quick replies, your patience, and quick turn-around. Thank you so, so much, Bryan K, Los Angeles, CA

Magazine Article-Travel:

“... My favorite section of Trail Blazer Magazine is where you give reviews of really unique dude ranches and bed and breakfasts. So far we have booked two vacations from seeing them in the magazine. Love the excellence of your magazine both in the writing and in the visual design. Simply brilliant.” Trail Blazer Magazine reader Carla Drysdale, Tennessee

Again thank you ever so much. Your fun and wit shines thru in your writing and I am "Over the Moon" excited! This business is my life's dream come true and your interest and support is so appreciated, Pat. Kindly, Juanita Koth, Gaits in the Grapes

BOY can you write. (But of course).  I love the article.  You really capture the spirit of my precious Ranch.  How fortunate we are to have you cross our trail.  Thanks! Marilyn Gubler, Owner, Sandy Valley Ranch

Pat, I think this is top notch work.  Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it.  You have made my life so much easier.  Your work is tremendously excellent.  Thanks for everything – really excellent work.  When I just give you bullets, you create masterpieces.  I really appreciate that. Feel free to use me for a referral. Jennifer S. Stammen, Stammen Consulting and Charleston Partners

Dear Pat, My Creative Director burst into my office tonight with a printout of your writing – and I am personally writing to thank you for your submission, and to express admiration for your talent and work.  You are SO RIGHT in intuitively knowing that a talented, creative writer can indeed reach any market…And that is exactly why I adore the sample writing you sent. Good writing is GOOD.  And you know yours is.  Cheval Creative

Dear Pat, I read your text down below. Wow! You have breathed life into my work. It looks very good. I am so impressed. Thank you!  Matthew Friedman, author Afghan Girl, Part I of a trilogy

Hi Pat, Hope all is well with you. I have been taking time to review the editing. You did a fantabulous job! Thanks. I am looking forward to working with you on more future projects. I have recommended you to local and aspiring authors. H. Ronald Roseboro, author of Is There a Samson in You?

Pat, I loved the final [bio] version!! Thanks very much. Brian Mallory, The Institute for Organizational Excellence did a FANTASTIC job!!!!!! I SO appreciate your professionalism and working with me on my own deadline. Author Anita Wheeler, The Law of Attraction is NOT a secret!

"Hi Pat, This is EXCELLENT! So let's connect to get started." FP, Independent Book Publisher

I am very pleased to say that after going through 100+ resumes, we really like your experience and style of writing .. And Believe that you would be a great asset to do freelance writing for . . . Publisher, Trail Blazer Magazine.

"I thought of it as amazing. You paint the pictures very well! …You're up at the top. I enjoyed the notes you gave me. I think I've successfully 'replotted' my structure and am now revising things a bit to fit the story. Short Story Writer

"I like your style and direct approach … love your work and think we can do well together" …Pat is awesome! Not only does she have great editing ability, She has the ability to capture the author's voice and really make it stand out with powerful metaphors and colorful illustrations. Her turnaround time was awesome and she exhibited great flexibility with changes on my end. I will use Pat again in the future for sure. Tony Galliano, Sixty Sigma, Inc.

I am very happy that you responded to me, and, you are HIRED!! I liked your edits very much, as they are imagistic and read very easily, which is something I always appreciate as a reader myself. I also liked that you intuitively added the 'spice' . . .Lorna Kleidman, Kettlebell Academy

Thanks Pat for all of your hard work. You have done a marvelous job. It really looks beautiful. I just wanted to say THANKS!! Bella Loudon, Why Is There Lettuce in My Water?

You're great, keep on going, i love it absolutely.  Craig Bowman, A Strange and Beautiful Flower

Absolutely fantastic! Right on the money, Pat. ... I knew you'd do a great job! If those [missing] builders finally contact you, tell them "you'll catch them on the next story"....and to look for your story in the premiere issue of LWRLife. (They'll be sorry!) Candice Mutschler, LWR Communities LLC

Pat - [Our publisher] Alex said you did a GREAT JOB and he is not changing anything in it. I just sent to off to place in the paper. Barbara, Editor, Celebration Independent

“You were one of several that actually supplied the copy before we agreed to the go ahead. Your price was $150.00 higher than we wanted to spend. However, we liked the copy and your check is being over-nighted to you!. Thanks for the nice job! Arnold Mann, Mortgage Funding USA

…the introduction and mythology chapters you edited and am enthralled with what you did. Excellent! I appreciate your good work.  Author Matt Laverne, Winning The Lottery

Pat.....I've never in my life been described like you did.....i can't even put into words how I felt when i read your article. I absolutely love it, and i really can't think of anyone i know or have ever known that would be capable of grasping some of the wild energy i have and putting it on paper. Thank you so much for what you wrote....I'm on cloud nine and intend to stay here for at least another 27 hours. You're the bomb, baby! Laurie Mackillip, Contributing Author, Chicken Soup for the Dog’s Soul

Pat, this is fabulous!!! I’m amazed the release is already completed! I didn’t expect to hear from you until next week. Thank you so much! Author Breena Jacobs, Daddy’s Girl

WOW! You are so on point! That is perfect. You're right, he did start off very typical. THANK YOU so much. Oh, Yes, I will definitely give you editing credit. I had planned to do that anyway. I believe in giving credit were credit is due. I remember working with my previous editor and things just didn't gel. Who would've have thought a "little ol' white lady" from the south would connect with an inner-city youth. lol. Author Amari Yarbrough, Enigma’s Child

Just finished Vanderville! I could almost name each character, that made it more realistic than any book I have ever read! Great plot, fantastic ending! Do I see more adventures of Traveller in the future?  Brenda Carter, Lavonia, GA

…You’re the best!!!! Thanks so much! Thanks Thanks Thanks … Manager Farhonda Cullum, Renaissance Hotels

“Pat, where have you been all my writing life? I like the way you edit.  Thank you so much!” Author Carl Neely, Seeing The Invisible

The [website] copy is incredibly well written . . .  Thank you! Joe Dahlstrom, Western Skies Golf Course

"Pat, I loved it!" Author Capt. Jason Meszaros, Hidden Battles

"Pat, You are very a wonderful editor." Author Thelma Ferguson, unnamed manuscript 

"Pat, I really like what you did with the copy.  Thank you so much." Author Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough, The Long Shadow of Coach Bear Bryant

“This eventful novel is a lot of fun to read. Ms. Barnhart is a good mimic, with a broad range of narrative and character voices. Not to mention many laugh-out-loud points, all too rare in most writing.”

Professional Reviewer – “Vanderville”

available at

“First, let me thank you for editing my manuscript. I wish I had your talent…” Author Wayne Conner, Counterfeit Deception

LOVE IT!!! Wow, amazing what a few words, some color, can do!!!  Thanks, hugs, Johnny Mac, Emcee and Stand Up Comic

“I really like the {website} content!  There is some humor in it too which is good!”

Dave Vandeventer, PGA Golf Pro

“…I did not have to read very much of your work to know that you are incredibly talented. This is the kind of professionalism that ‘I Wanna Read More’ strives for. We would like for you to join our team!”  Melissa Ingold, Editor-in-Chief

“The thoughts you wrote for Carol were mentioned by the pastor at the grave site.  I am sure we will use them again for her upcoming memorial service.   I personally thank you because I will keep this close to me always.  That was Carol and much more.  Her family thanks you.... you definitely have a way with words.”

Diana G. Schnepfe, Event Planning Ass’t, MCOWC

"I’d be delighted to write a testimonial for you!" Elaine Weidner, Decorating in the Tuscan Style