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ALABAMA Girl with a passion for writing.


I feel certain we share a common vision: A passion for excellence, a commitment to integrity and ethics, and the knowledge that success follows creativity, vision, and hard work.

As a published author, in-demand book editor, and ghostwriter, I am passionate about the business of editing and writing. I possess in large measure, both the ambition to succeed, and the energy and drive required to make it happen. My business exists to help writers succeed in communicating their message, or telling their story. Your story, your way. That's getting writing down pat. How can I help you today?



“…I did not have to read very much of your work to know that you are incredibly talented. This is the kind of professionalism that ‘I Wanna Read More’ strives for. We would like for you to join our team!”  Melissa Ingold, Editor-in-Chief

My writing began with reading; spending countless hours in the cool sanctuary of the public library, reading the stories that others had penned.

A life filled with many entrepreneurial adventures, world travel, and being the wife of an adventurer, gave me many stories to tell. 

After years of marketing writing for corporations such as Marriott, I took the leap and became a fulltime freelance writer and editor. That was over two decades ago. I am now confident that I can help YOU get YOUR writing down pat.


Hi Pat, I just read that article. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! You are truly amazing. It's like you are reading my mind and you know exactly what it is I'm trying to say. I love this solo e-mail it's one of my favorite peace. Naomi


My style

My style is your style. Whether I'm writing as your voice, or editing what you have created, I hear your voice in my head. When writing for myself, I enjoy painting pictures with words. I prefer clarify over profundity. 


“Fantastic job, I can't thank Pat enough. She can take a simple sentence and make it sing. When you see her work you don't just see letters and sentences you see pictures. She is also responsive and understood what I was looking for.” — Chipper1123


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